Our Team


Anne LeBourgeois

Anne is Managing Director of Hamilton Advisors, a strategic communications firm she co-founded in 2009 in Hong Kong, and works with a range of clients in financial services, investment, property and think tank/NGO sectors.  Anne enjoys music and visual arts, hiking, swimming and travels involving cultural heritage and the beautiful diversity of nature, reflecting the goals of LumiVoce. She and husband Robert Grieves are inspired to lead more sustainable lives by the example of their two millennial daughters, Alex and Tory.

Carol M. Schoch

Carol came from Michigan, USA - now living in Shanghai, China. She is a choral music educator, conductor and singer who loves to collaborate in interdisciplinary projects. When Dr. Liu introduced this unique project and backed it up with the a wide array of alarming incidences that are destroying our wildlife and their habitats, she was immediately moved to help spread the message to the world. With her expertise in choral performance and education, her presence in the team brings valuable insight for different projects.

Monica Sung

Monica grew up in Canada and graduated from University of Toronto with dual major of Labour Management and Urban Economic Geography. Born in Hong Kong, she loves nature and enjoy outdoor sports. She was moved by the passions and enthusiasm of Dr. Liu who wanted to make a difference through the art of voice.  Art, to her, is a powerful mean and can impact a person much deeper than any other ways. LumiVoce's creative and unique approach to conservation which drew her attention and inspired her to be part of the team.



Paul Schmidt

Paul has been ardent conservationist his entire life.  Born in the US mid-West, at age 12 he came “home” to the Sonoran Dessert where he promptly joined the Tucson Sierra Club.  He has been active in conservation matters ever since through a variety of organizations including the Youth Conservation Corps, the Wilderness Society, the Nature Conservancy, and now LumiVoce. Paul is married to Dr. Liu, and together they share a passion for wilderness and wildlife. Being a lover of the outdoors, Paul was an avid rock climber, and he now enjoys biking, skiing, hiking and kayaking. 

Robert Copeland

Robert is a professional producer and musician who worked in numerous music projects and fine art programmes with over 20 years of experience. His participation in LumiVoce stems from a vast appreciation for some of the world’s most intriguing musical melodies, and a love of nature’s stunning wild “voices”. He has been involved in educating aspiring producers and songwriters in the art of music production. Robert assembled a professional team of world-class sound artisans, musicians and support staff who all play a major role in the creation of “Ensoul-A Voice For The Wild”.

Yuqin Li

Yuqin was born in a small city called Changde in Hunan province of China. Growing up in a place that is depicted as a paradise in the famous poem The Peach Blossom Spring (桃花源記), she gradually developed her fascination with nature.  Although after high school she mainly studied and worked in metropolis including Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore,  and now Hong Kong, she loves to explore the wild such as Pantanal in Brazil, Kruger park in South Africa, Namib desert in Namibia, etc. She is always impressed by the magnificence of nature and the animals.As a strong believer of the organisation’s mission and goal, Yuqin decided to join LumiVoce to be part of the movement. 

Past interns


Eric Wong

Eric is a sophomore student studying in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) with a strong interest in performance art and loves the wild. He enjoys hiking and exploring the Mother Nature a lot. With previous experience in stage performance, he was intrigued by the idea of making a positive impact to the world through art and music. His passion of trying to make a difference through music brings fresh perspective to the team. He was attracted to LumiVoce in hope of meeting like-minded friends who could make an collective impact to the world.

Beckie Siu

Beckie is a penultimate year student in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) with dual major of Information Systems and Management. She enjoys music, doing yoga, reading and making desserts. During her spare time, she also loves playing with her cats and other animals. Beckie was first inspired by the enthusiasm she found among the people of LumiVoce. She was moved by the founders' enthusiasm of educating future generation about spreading the message through music.