Shanan was born in America and grew up in China.  She is now a high school student at an international school in Hong Kong.  Growing up exposed to the cultures of both the East and the West helped her to develop a great curiosity to the world.  She loves reading.  Started with the encyclopaedia of the world, she is now reading classics from Chinese and Western cultures. She is passionate about life, nature and literature.  She loves dancing, debating, and hiking, and dreams to be a MC in the future. She was moved when she heard about the disasters happening to wildlife and nature. LumiVoce’s vision and the founder Ying Ying’s impactful music influenced Shanan to make a difference. Thus, she started the “Shimmers” with two of her friends, wanting to raise awareness in the world, and believing that “together we can light up the darkness”.


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Charmaine Pilard

Charmaine is 13 years old, she’s half French and half Chinese and she believes that protecting the environment is important. Although she is only 13 years old she believes that together we can make a difference. Charmaine grew up in a family that is passionate about the environment so she learnt from a young age that everything we do affects the environment. Charmaine still remembers when She was young, her dad brought her and her brother to see elephant tusks that had been illegally imported and it broke her heart just thinking about the elephants that had died for our selfish needs. 

Russel Pillard

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