First track of "Ensoul" album - in it's current form

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Rob's Profile

Lumivoce’s Ensoul Producer/Arranger Robert Copeland’s background as musician, producer, arranger have included Kitaro- Music Director/Orchestrator  (Cirque Ingenieux tour/HBO Special), Billy Preston- Producer (Never Give Up On Love), Ed Townshend (Marvin Gaye), Byrd & Heart- Producer  (Album of Thai Classics), and harpsichordist for St. Louis Symphony At Carnegie Hall (conductors Leonard Slatkin and Jerzy Semkow). As technical consultant, his clients have included Graeme and Ashley Revell (Red Planet, Pitch Black), Joe Walsh (Eagles Live at Staples Center), Goo Goo Dolls, Jim Messina, Cher (“Believe” HBO Special), Jane Child (Surge), Carol Burnett, Neil Diamond, Catherine O’Hare, Edward James Olmos and many others.

Draft album artwork