Ensoul - A Voice for the Wild

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.” - Plato

Project Summary

Ensoul is LumiVoce’s flagship project. It is a series of unique conservation music videos that combines pure classical vocalisation, diverse rhythms from around the world, sounds of wildlife and nature, with moving images and powerful messages. Each music video takes teams of musicians, producers, engineers, writers, designers and researchers months to complete.

Why we feature these ecosystems and wildlife?

Each video features a compelling story of a critical ecosystem and its significance in the survival of wildlife species and the health of our natural world.

How do we make an impact?

We bring wildlife and nature into concrete cities through our music videos. Through them we help people to reconnect with nature. They are used in our educational programs to engage and inspire people, especially the next generation, to understand our impact on the natural world. We focus on reducing demand and protecting biodiversity. We engage through school visits, events, lectures, and summer camps centered on biodiversity and creativity.

In Ensoul, we mix the human voice in pure classical vocalization with sounds of wildlife and earth and feelings of connectedness spill forth. We aim to lend our voices to the voiceless wildlife, to illuminate with sound, and to combine our passions for music and wildlife to make a difference.

When the human voice is mixed with the sounds of wildlife and the sounds of the earth, it shows that we are all connected to one another, and to nature.

Project Processes

To record an album takes time. The process is complex, involving a great many people with many professional experiences and talents, and is a labor of love. Yet, when it is done well, it can inspire millions of people.


In our pre-production phase, a well-constructed vision and plan needs to be in place involving composers to arrange the melodies or compose new ones. A few highlights of the process are as follows:

  • Vocalists and instrumentalists will be involved for the composers to understand who they are arranging for and their vocal ranges, timbres and colors.

  • Professional musical research and wildlife sound assistance will be needed to select from tens of thousands of melodies and wildlife sounds to be eventually included in the final mix.

  • Some of the music industry’s top sound engineers will advise us about what is technically possible. Bioacoustics research organizations will provide their sound research, as well.

This phase will take months to accomplish.


In the production phase, all of the above teams will continue to be intensely involved. Using world-class recording studios, sound engineers and producers participating in the repetitious process of recording, editing, will produce something not heard before.  Given the uniqueness of this endeavor,  it will take upwards to a year for the final project mixes to be completed.  It is again a true labor of love.


The post-production phase is where everything comes together. The various vocal and instrumental tracks, as well as nature and wildlife sounds, will be merged and mixed with precision.  All of this will involve months of intensive collaboration among the producers and engineers, performers, composers and arrangers.  

Once all of the above three phases are done, the product will finally be ready for the public release.



Now comes the publishing phase, where producers, marketing and PR executives will connect with various vendors to publish and distribute the product.  Music outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and various other social media platforms will inform the public of product availability.  

Finally, the album is delivered into customers’ hands to enjoy.  People can tweet, share and get involved in raising the consciousness of our (humans) impact in the world, our responsibilities to our planet and what we can do to protect what we love: reduce demand, become voices for the wild and become wildlife protectors.  

Why Ensoul?

You may ask, wouldn't it be easier just to give the money to an organization on the ground that are actually doing wildlife protection?  Why invest in a recording project that takes months if not a couple of years to complete?

Neuroimaging shows that music is a powerful vehicle that connects us both emotionally and rationally.  Music lights up spatial, abstract, emotional and auditory centers to create a shared experience.  While science informs, music inspires.

We already know about the issues for a long time, but simply knowing has not been enough. Year after year, we still fall short of making the kind of change needed. We must connect with people’s hearts and turning knowing to caring, and turning caring to change.

Music is the universal language that trensands time, space, geographies and cultures. It can get us from knowing to caring, and powerfully unite us to take action to change. It has the unlimited potential of making a profound impact to connect people emotionally with wildlife and nature, giving inspiration to millions of people, thus raising consciousness for wildlife protection.

Take the BBC planet earth series as an example, it has inspired millions of people all over the world to fall in love with wildlife through the visual beauty of the documentary. It is an invaluable investment to have artists and scientists work together to produce such inspirational documentaries.

LumiVoce's approach is through the power of music and the beauty of sound, plus the powerful visuals to inspire people to love and care about wildlife to protect them from extinction, because we protect what we love.  

Our approach has proven to be impactful. Those who had heard and seen our wildlife music videos had been deeply affected. Please see the endorsements from our viewers.

Video productions completed

  • Wanwu 萬物 - All Living Things Inaugural music video featuring Africa’s wildlife

  • Lingxi 靈息 - Breath of Life The Amazon Rainforest and its magnificent habitats

  • Guyu 古語 - An Ancient Whisper Coral reefs and the epic journey of a turtle (in progress)