Voices for the Planet

Using our music and stories we follow a Learn, Do, Share model of teaching. We are working to inspire the children to become wildlife protectors themselves and enable their Voices for the Wild

Why focus on Voices for the Planet?

We hope to develop the next generation to become mindful and compassionate citizens and responsible stewards for Hong Kong and the world.

We are developing an engaging curriculum with educational partners using our music and stories. We plan to continually extend the curriculum through a growing network of associated teachers and youth leaders. We will train them to deliver conservation messages to local and international schools in Hong Kong.

By integrating technology we will empower the children to become creators, remixing our materials with their own stories and voices. They can use iPads to research and gain knowledge of biodiversity, create their own music and stories using online apps and software.

Resources we need

To develop effective curriculum takes manpower and expertise. We estimate this project will take at least two experts two to three months to develop.

To form a network of associate teachers and youth leaders to deliver the curriculum takes a series of presentations and trainings. This will be an on-going effort. We plan to develop a core group of teacher trainers and a small group of youth leaders.

To enable technology we need iPads. Each session with a group of 30 students would require at least six iPads.

Education Partners

We have partnered with Chatteris Educational Foundation, Teach for Hong Kong, ICHK and Malvern College Hong Kong to advance our educational projects.