Inspiring people to fall in love with wildlife through the beauty and power of music and stories to reduce demand.  Turning today's wildlife consumers into tomorrow's wildlife protectors.  

The Chinese character for listening includes ears, eyes and heart 聽.

Are we listening? Are we listening with our ears, eyes, heart, mind and soul? 

Do we really know what a healthy forest truly sounds like?

I was moved to action when I heard that every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its tusk (ivory), that every 8 hours a rhino is brutally slaughtered for its horn, that we have lost 58% of the planet’s wildlife since the 1970s (WWF living planet report 2016), and, finally, that we are losing them at 1000 times the normal background rate.

"As a singer I want to lend my voice to the voiceless wildlife, to illuminate with sound, to combine my passions for music and wildlife to make a difference.

You may ask why music?

Because music is powerful and it touches the human heart. Why is it said that music is a universal language?  Because it is the language of the heart, mind and soul.  It vibrates within the core of our being.  It transcends cultures, space and time. I grew up with music during China’s Cultural Revolution. My parents were exiled to the countryside to do hard labor. 

"I hope my voice will inspire others to join in. One voice becomes thousands of voices, like a great symphony of love for the wild."      

Dr. Ying Ying Liu, Founder

My piano was perched on a brick bed.  Life was hard then, to say the least.  But, we had music.  That's what got us through.  

You may ask why Hong Kong, mainland China and Asia at large?  Because Asia's demand for wildlife parts is fueling the killing all over the world.  Hong Kong is one of the largest ports and markets for wildlife parts, including ivory, rhino horn, pangolin, shark's fin, tiger and lion bones, and many other wildlife products. If we do not inspire people to reduce demand, no amount of protection on the ground in Africa and other wilderness areas will suffice. We cannot patrol the vast Africa and wilderness "

-Dr. Ying Ying Liu, Founder of LumiVoce

LumiVoce's mission is to positively engage people through music and emotive stories to inspire the love and protection of wildlife to reduce demand. We seek to turn today's wildlife consumers into tomorrow's wildlife protectors.

We are producing an album called Ensoul – A Voice for the Wild. The classical melodies we present to you in this album are sublime and timeless.  they are the essence of our collective spirit; the spirit that is filled with love, compassion and kindness.  When the human voice is mixed with the sounds of wildlife and the sounds of the earth, it shows that we are all connected to one another and to nature.  

The other project is the Wildlife Story Series (WSS).  We need to urgently educate young people, and will do so through emotive stories about wildlife.  Our aim is to inspire them to fall in love with our beautiful wildlife, nurture compassion, empathy and kindness early in the young, and turn today's wildlife consumers into tomorrow's wildlife protectors. 

Every picture of wildlife you see on this site are endangered - rhino, elephant, polar bear, orangutan, tigers - and they all need our help now more than ever. The good news is that everyone can make a difference, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  Small steps march toward a great cause.  It's never too late.

I want to inspire people to fall in love with our beautiful and majestic wildlife through the beauty and power of music because

We protect what we fall in love with.
— Louie Schwartzberg