“Tell a child a touching story and it will stay with them for a lifetime.”

What is the Wildlife Story Series?

This series of touching stories about endangered animal families captures the majestic beauty of these animals while sensitively discussing their plight. These wildlife tales evoke empathy, love and compassion for wildlife, and aim to spark a long term passion for conservation among children. Each story is based on real situations from our partners working in the field.

How do the Stories Make an Impact?

We use the beautifully illustrated stories in our educational programs, focusing on developing compassion in children at an early age. Collaborating with our educational partners such as Chatteris Educational Foundation, we help students learn about biodiversity through creativity, enabling their conservation voices to be heard and expressed.

How it is used?

The students use our stories and illustrations in their activities in experiential learning about the challenges facing wildlife. We help them understand how our everyday choices contribute to wildlife extinction. They learn to complete the stories when given only the illustrations and vice versa. Creating their own story through writing and illustration deepens their learning experience.


The Wildlife Story Series features illustrated picture storybooks.  All books will feature a bilingual story in English and Chinese.  This format will help children to learn the languages and at the same time developing mindfulness and compassion for fellow being. Each book also contains a blank section which children can use as a practical notebook.   

Project Progress

  • The “Adventures of a Small Orangutan” completed

  • The Elephant’s Tale will be completed by the end of 2019

  • The Rhino’s Tale will be completed in 2020

Project Partners

LumiVoce wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners and supporters, including The Nature Conservancy’s Hong Kong and Indonesia offices for crafting the orangutan story.  Ms. Chi Ying for the illustrations. Senso-Creative design company for the cover design.